CheckBoxList appears behind other DropDownCheckBoxes controls

Dec 14, 2012 at 8:56 PM

I have a page with multiple DropDownCheckBoxes controls, one above the other.

On both IE 8 and 9, when I click the Dropdown button, the checkbox list appears behind other DropDownCheckBoxes controls that are below it on the form.
It covers up standard controls such as buttons and text boxes, but also appears beind the Ajax Tool Kit slider control.

Note that this behavior does not happen on Chrome and Firefox. It also does not happen when I am debugging in VS 2010 and the page is hosted by the ASP.NET Development Server.

 I confirmed this issue on a “hello world” type page in a site with no CSS files. So I don’t think there is anything else affecting it.
Anybody seen this before and know of a solution?

Thanks,   John Gilbert