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Not able to use this Control in SharePoint Visual Web Part with VS 2012



I am finding this control suitable for my requirement, However I am finding issue while integrating it with SharePoint 2010 VisualWebPart.

Issue description:
After registering this control to web part, If write markup code with this control, the content in Webpart.ascx.g.cs gets erased and I cant build my webpart.

Below are PlatForm Details:
VSTS 2012 sp4, also installed VSTS 2012 Power tools.
SharePoint 2010
OS: Windows 7 64Bit

Below written is code I had written
<%@ Register Assembly="DropDownCheckBoxes" Namespace="Saplin.Controls" TagPrefix="asp" %>

<asp:DropDownCheckBoxes ID="ddcbCustom" runat="server" UseSelectAllNode="True"
 AddJQueryReference="True" >
<Style SelectBoxWidth="160" DropDownBoxBoxWidth="160" DropDownBoxBoxHeight="115" />
<Texts SelectBoxCaption="Select " />

Can some one help in utilising this control with Visual Web Part.


sunilssb wrote Mar 14, 2014 at 12:01 PM

I did drill down the causes and modified below mentioned things,
  1. Actually I had integrated the project for my use, The version of the dll keeps on changing on every build.
  2. I am not sure this thing is correct or not, However i changed the resource location from Web to local.
Doing above changes i could integrate it to visual web part, However i face same issue when I use the <Style> mark up.